This site contains resources to help you debug stuff — mostly software and electronic hardware, but other stuff, too.
We’ll publish and link to advice and stories about any kind of debugging or troubleshooting, including cars, furnaces, plumbing, and even human bodies.
(Disclaimer:  We are not doctors, and don’t even play them on TV.  Consult your physician about any health problems.  If your physician is clueless, send him or her to this site.)


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Special Note! Dave Agans’ long-awaited novel is now available!

Traffic jams. Automatic flush sensors. Sharp plastic packaging.
Who’s behind it all?
Hold on to your tin-foil hat and beware the alligators
as you explore this sewerload of fun conspiracies.

The Urban Legion warps your world in a funhouse mirror–
food courts and airport restrooms will never be the same.

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