Bikini Cowgirls of the Urban Legion hit the beach.

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Cowgirls. Bikinis. Murderous media conspiracy. What could go wrong?

Bikini Cowgirls of the Urban Legion, book 2 of the Urban Legion trilogy, is now available for e-book pre-order on Amazon, to be delivered on October 28th, 2020. To encourage a big launch, the book is priced at only 99 cents for pre-order and will return to the regular price of $2.99 on November 1st. So order your (almost) free copy now! (It’ll be completely free for Amazon Prime members on the 28th. The paperback version will also be available for purchase on the 28th.)

After Meg Brecker’s scuba-diving boyfriend is scooped up by a firefighting plane, she returns incognito to investigate the crime scene. Spear-gun-wielding dolphins attack; Meg escapes and collapses on a Galveston beach. So much for going incognito—she wakes up surrounded by the cast of the Next Bikini Cowgirl reality show, which launches her and the cowgirls into the viral stratosphere. Meg links the show to her boyfriend’s demise and joins as a contestant to find the motive. As she pits her cowgirl skills against talented rivals, can she avoid her own demise and uncover the nefarious Bikini Cowgirl plot before it reaches its must-see-TV climax?

Bikini Cowgirls of the Urban Legion envisions hilarious conspiracies behind the news, entertainment media, and not-so-legendary urban legends. You’ll even learn the fragile truth about mimes.

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